From € 839,840 to € 859,840 v.o.n.

Hightlighted features

  • Number of houses 15 (2 available)
  • Living area 156 m²
  • Number of rooms 6
  • Plot size 215 to 287 m²

Open House

  1. Saturday, April 1 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Project Robijnhof

Do you also want to live in the Robijnhof in the summer of 2023? Then respond quickly. There are still 2 houses available. (bnr 9 and 11)

Robijnhof, a wonderful place to live

Robijnhof is located in the Hoge Mors residential area in Leiden and is like a peninsula in the bend of the Oude Rijn, close to the center of Leiden.
Robijnhof is the ideal place for people who want to enjoy the city center facilities of Leiden, but also want to live in the shelter of the Leiden city center in a spacious, green and safe neighborhood.

An ideal place for families or multi-person households who are looking for modern, energy-efficient and above all a lot of living comfort.

Intimate court of luxurious two hairdressers
The 15 family homes mark the edge of Robijnhof and together form their own intimate courtyard. The materials used, sight lines and variation in height ensure unity with the adjacent new building of Robijnhof. On the other hand, beautiful details in masonry create a healthy tension with the surrounding new construction. Most homes have a park at the front. The backyards adjoin the green courtyard.

Robijnhof offers a lot of convenience and comfort
Robijnhof comprises 12 semi-detached houses and 3 houses under one roof (three-roof).
Each house is very spacious with a living area of ??at least 156 m2 to no less than 172 m2 for the largest semi-detached houses. By means of an extension it is possible to expand the surface by approximately 15 to 20 m2. The houses have four bedrooms and a hobby or office space as standard. These extra rooms come in handy if you want to work from home undisturbed.

In addition to a garden, you also have a terrace of approximately 20 m2 on the top floor. A plus that is especially ideal in spring or autumn when the sun is a bit lower. This allows you to enjoy maximum sun rays throughout the year.

Parking is of course possible on site. The two hairdressers on the street have their own driveway and spacious garage. The two hairdressers at the park have a so-called pergola carport behind the garden that offers space for two cars and a bicycle shed. So when you get home, you can drive your car under the pergola and plug your car into your own charging station if you drive an EV.


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Expected start construction February 5840

Residential property types

Of the 15 houses in this project 2 are available

  • Geschakeld wonen

    Row house and semi-detached residential property From € 839,840 to € 859,840 v.o.n.
    • living area 156 m² Living area
    • number of rooms 6 rooms
    House Living area Rooms Price
    Robijnhof (Bouwnr. 11) 156 m² living area 6 rooms € 839,840 v.o.n.
    Robijnhof (Bouwnr. 9) 156 m² living area 6 rooms € 859,840 v.o.n.
    Robijnhof (Bouwnr. 10) Sold 156 m² living area 5 rooms € 725,840 v.o.n.

Selling agent

Fides makelaars (ERA)

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Call 071-5168080
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From € 839,840 to € 859,840 v.o.n.