De Plaatselijke Makelaar Rob van de Laar

De Plaatselijke Makelaar Rob van de Laar

De Plaatselijke Makelaar Rob van de Laar

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NVM real estate agent with a heart for your home

De Plaatselijke Makelaar Rob van de Laar

"The local NVM real estate agent with a heart for your home."

Rob van de Laar has been active in brokerage for quite some time and has been based in Sint-Oedenrode since 2009. The roots of Rob van de Laar and his wife Carla, who is responsible for the back office, lie in Sint-Oedenrode and Schijndel. Both have extensive knowledge of the housing market and it is therefore a logical choice to keep these two places as their working areas. Quality, transparency in combination with a contemporary approach clearly take precedence over quantity, with customer satisfaction as a paramount importance.

We are happy to make an appointment for a personal introductory meeting.

Sales guidance:

Clarity and transparency; knowing where you stand and only paying for the services you want to use.

De Plaatselijke Makelaar Rob van de Laar works with clear packages, so you know exactly where you stand. The starter package includes all the usual activities such as the For Sale sign, negotiations and drafting the agreement. Do you want maximum exposure with unlimited viewings, professional (3D) photography and video presentation? Then choose the Full package. Clear and transparent, as you expect from us.


You will be supported by us in putting your property up for sale. By taking care of the viewings and the transfer yourself, you save thousands of euros in commission. Expansion of the brokerage services is of course always possible at reduced rates.

Fully cared for and trusted sales:


The traditional, full package offers full support at a very competitive rate. You leave the sale entirely in the hands of a driven and experienced real estate agent!

Purchase guidance:


To find your dream home in Sint-Oedenrode, Schijndel or immediate surroundings, knowledge of the local market is indispensable. Local real estate agent Rob van de Laar has deliberately focused on this area and has known the area like the back of his hand for over 25 years. We not only know the most beautiful places, but also have an extensive range of homes in different price ranges. In addition, we can draw on a large network, so the chance of finding the home of your dreams can quickly become reality.

Appraisal Service:

If you are going to take out a new mortgage or modify your existing mortgage, for example, you will often need an appraisal report. De Plaatselijke Makelaar can quickly and competitively prepare an appraisal report for you that is accepted by all recognized lenders. Our certified appraiser can prepare the report within 48 hours, if desired.

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Phone number: 0413-745035


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    English, German and Dutch

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    Sale, purchase, new construction and appraisals

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    NWWI, NRVT and VastgoedCert

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    New construction


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  • Rob van de Laar - NVM-makelaar

    Rob van de Laar


  • Carla van de Laar- van Schijndel - Assistent-makelaar

    Carla van de Laar- van Schijndel


  • Lenneke van Zutven - Assistent-makelaar

    Lenneke van Zutven


  • Saphira de Hart - Kandidaat-makelaar

    Saphira de Hart


  • Jop Verbunt -

    Jop Verbunt

  • Siem van Heertum -

    Siem van Heertum


Address & opening hours

Kofferen 8
5492 BN Sint-Oedenrode
Tomorrow open by appointment
  • Monday 08:30-17:00
  • Tuesday 08:30-17:00
  • Wednesday 08:30-17:00
  • Thursday 08:30-17:00
  • Friday 08:30-17:00
  • Saturday By appointment
  • Sunday Closed

At this office, you can also make appointments for viewings outside these opening hours.