NAMACO Groningen (Nationaal Makelaars Collectief)

NAMACO Groningen (Nationaal Makelaars Collectief)

NAMACO Groningen (Nationaal Makelaars Collectief)

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Do you want to buy or sell a home in Groningen? Then you've come to the right place at NAMACO Groningen. As a estate agent in Groningen, we are able to completely unburden you during the purchase or sale process. You don't buy or sell a home every day. There is a lot to consider when buying or selling a home. Therefore it's nice if you are helped by a specialist who has gone through this process countless times. Do you want to sell or buy a home and be completely unburdened? Then NAMACO is the real estate agent in Groningen you are looking for.

Are you looking for a nice home in Groningen? Then we can help you as a estate agent in Groningen to find a suitable home. We carefully check which homes meet your requirements. We enter these criteria into the completely free "Move" system. This NVM system ensures that you are the first to receive the homes in the mailbox. And the nice thing is… it costs and does not commit you to anything. When we have found a potential home, we first do an extensive analysis. Have you decided that you want to view the house? Then the estate agent will go with you to determine the value of the home. In addition, the broker checks the general condition of the property during the viewing. In this way, any defects are brought to light in time.

We ensure that there are no adverse conditions in the purchase agreement. In addition, we are also there to assist you in the unlikely event that disputes arise later, for example during the delivery of the house. Incidentally, NAMACO Groningen is also present at the delivery, to check whether the conditions are met by the selling party.

The real estate agent in Groningen for the sale of your home! Do you want to offer your home in Groningen for sale? Then it is important that you hire a specialized broker for the city and province of Groningen. At NAMACO Groningen we can offer a free and no-obligation consultation. In such a conversation we show you what the fair value of the home is. As a modern real estate agent in the city of Groningen, we use modern techniques to put your home on the map. For example, we take photos and floor plans by a professional photographer. The housing market is currently very small, so it usually does not take long before the first potential buyers come to view. During a viewing, the estate agent can give potential buyers a good idea of ​​the house and the surroundings. And then the real game begins: achieving the highest price for your home at the most attractive conditions! After that, we will draw up a purchase agreement and ensure that it is signed as soon as possible. Digital or simply at our office, everything is possible!

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