Maatsweg 1 * 4551 ML Sas van Gent Buitengebied Sas van Gent


For sale: plot of (agricultural) land of 1,810 m2. Ideal for gardening or perhaps for the hobbyist as pasture or animal pasture.

We advise you to look in advance at to see the possibilities for your wishes regarding buildings etc.
You can also contact the municipality of Terneuzen on 0115-455000.

The following information we received from the municipality (printing errors reserved);
The parcel Maatsweg 1 in Sas van Gent lies within the zoning plan 'Buitengebied Terneuzen'. The grounds have an agricultural zoning. The grounds designated for Agrarian are intended for the exercise of land-related agricultural enterprises.

Therefore, building is only allowed to serve the agricultural destination and if necessary for efficient business operations. Whether building here is possible will have to be demonstrated. Because we do not have this expertise in-house, we request advice from the Agrarische Adviescommissie Zeeland. The request for advice is subject to costs.

If there is no agricultural business, building here is not possible.

An agricultural company is defined in the zoning plan as follows:
Agricultural company;
A business aimed at producing products by means of growing crops and/or keeping animals, to be further distinguished into:
> - land-bound agricultural company:
> a company that is (almost) entirely dependent on the agricultural land belonging to the company as a means of production and where (almost) entirely use is made of open ground, to be further distinguished into:
> - field and open field horticulture: the cultivation of crops on open ground, not including ornamental, fruit and bulb cultivation;
> - bulb cultivation: the cultivation of flower bulbs whether or not in conjunction with the cultivation of bulb flowers;
> - fruit growing: the cultivation of fruit on open ground;
> - soil-bound livestock farming: the keeping of dairy and other livestock where grazing is essential to the operation;
> - horse husbandry: the breeding of horses, the keeping, stabling or training of horses for the purpose of meat and/or milk production, trade and/or utilitarian horse husbandry;
> - ornamental cultivation: the cultivation of ornamental plants on open ground whether or not combined with trade in nursery plants and perennials.

If you have further interest, please contact our office.

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Transfer of ownership

Asking price
€ 25,000 kosten koper
Listed since
2 months
Available in consultation


Type of parking facilities
Parking place
Building type
Resale property


Plot size
1,810 m²

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1.810 m²
Ownership situation
Full ownership


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Maatsweg 1 *

€ 25,000 k.k.