Bokhovense Maasdijk 12 5221 BP Den Bosch Bokhoven

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  • 735 m² living area
  • 8,020 m² plot size
  • 2 bedrooms
€ 1,850,000 k.k.
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Het Bokhovense Veerhuis.

Villa from the 19th century with unequalled view over a bend in the Maas.

A panorama as with "the Lorelei".
Also for skippers a striking navigation object. Certainly in the period in which the villa was founded and skippers had hardly any charts.

There were no road bridges or other prominent buildings that could be used for navigation. We are talking about the year 1875.

Typically Neo-Renaissance with a rectangular building mass and a flattened slate roof. Lovers of Neo-Renaissance architecture will be able to detect the many details: The pressed basket-handle arches, a richly decorated cornice, k-style profiled gutters and especially the dormers with heavy cheeks.

Towards the end of the 19th century, when this villa was built, it must have been experienced as particularly luxurious.
The distinctive architecture still does.

Better to borrow well than invent badly;
The summary of the monument department of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch in the following words:

"The building has monumental value because of the facades, the building mass and the location. The ensemble contributes to this. The building has cultural-historical significance and is representative of nineteenth-century dyke construction''.

In short and to the point, the attraction of this cultural-historical building is expressed by the ensemble of facades, building mass and location. (the bend in the Maas)

After quite a few shell impacts during the Second World War, the Ferry House was restored and expanded into a fashionable catering complex.

It is a municipal monument, limited to the facades and roof of the dike house.

First floor
Vintage cafe with a second taproom where execution auctions used to be held, among other important meetings.
The pub was for regulars and commercial travellers.
On Sundays, especially in September, both rooms and the terrace are filled with pilgrims on pilgrimage to St Cornelius in the medieval church.

The conservatory along the dike:
An enormous orangery build in 2018 with high-tech electric operated roof shutters and walls. Electric overhead heating combined with underfloor heating. HR++ glass and 'full foamed' enamelled profiles. The view is unprecedented. Whatever you use this space for, everything is optimally insulated according to the very latest knowledge in the field of insulation and climate control.
The unobstructed view over the Meuse River in these four seasons orangery/conservatory is fascinating 24/7. The national flag on the stern reflects the language spoken on board. Who knows, they might come from beyond Dinant or far away France. German and Dutch flags can also be seen. In the twilight you dream away wondering what the destination might be, and it is precisely in this bend that the changing pattern of the navigation lights indicates the change of course. A special spectacle that makes many passers-by stop for a while.
From this orangery you overlook the bend with every evening this changing pattern of red port -, green starboard light in combination with bright steam - and stern light.

Two kitchens: one has the character of a rinsing kitchen, the other the character of a kitchen to prepare dishes for the 'small menu' with various equipment.

Farmhouse back house:
The back house is converted into a party room. Here you can see the original heavy trusses of the stables of the old manor farm. It looks very rustic and has remained quite authentic. Toilet group with enough toilets, showers and sinks for all genders.
The heavy attic, except for the roof, had to be able to withstand a lot like hay, sprinkles and seeds. This attic can be subdivided. However, there is a trimmed opening in the floor. With so called trimmer joists once intended for a balustrade with stairwell , to bring dining guests upstairs somewhat in contact with those who party or dine on the first floor.

Conservatory at the back:
Conservatory adjacent to the outdoor gardens for outdoor/garden parties. The outdoor gardens have a new lawn.
Storage space for outdoor furniture.

Second floor
Teen bedroom. Bathroom with toilet and sink.

Unspecified huge room with incomparable 180 degree views over the river through authentic dormers and modern glass windows.
These dormers are so large that from the second floor they are experienced as bay windows with concave benches where you can actually take a seat.
A vibrant and sensational experience to overlook the meanders of the river from these 'authentic baroque bay windows'.

Third floor
Landing with attic.

Other floors
The back house attic:

In addition to the roof, the heavy attic had to be able to withstand a lot of rigging such as hay, sprinkles and seeds. This attic can be subdivided.

However, there is a trimmed opening in the floor. With so called trimmer joists once intended for a balustrade with stairwell , to bring dining guests upstairs somewhat in contact with those partying or dining on the first floor.

Front garden:
Riverside terrace with unprecedented views.

Lawn of 120 meters long and 48 meters wide on the South-West. Unobstructed sunshine throughout the day.

Side garden:
With a size of 29 by 13 meters, the side garden is particularly large. It is a huge garden for horsing around provided with professional playground equipment.

The newspaper Brabants Dagblad of July 26, 1961 headlined: "One day at Bokhoven is a fortnight's vacation".

In this article it was written that there is nothing to do in Bokhoven except on a hot summer day and on Sundays in September. Nothing else at all.
The old village breathes seven past centuries and about two hundred villagers celebrating a good life on the best clay soil. In this village the car is watched until it is out of sight'.
Somewhat relativizing one still does. With the exception of local traffic, it is still not so crowded in the narrow streets. From an incessant stream of cyclists one doesn't look up anymore. They follow the official bicycle routes and come from across the locks from Gelderland or from 's-Hertogenbosch, go here via the dike, and the characteristic Driekoningenplein to Heusden Vesting or Vice Versa.
In the month of September the medieval church of Anthony Abbot is central as a type of pilgrimage. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Bokhoven.

Bokhoven has never completely shaken off those Middle Ages. The tomb of 'Countess Héléna de Montmorency' and 'Count Engelbrecht II of Immerseel' still attracts lovers of 'traditional sculpture'. Perhaps a comparison with the Sistine Chapel soon fails. The comparison with the 'Venus of Milo' is fairly striking.

's-Hertogenbosch itself has moved up to where the car had completely disappeared in 1961...
The famous 'city section Engelen - Haverleij' with its residential areas like retro castles has grown towards Bokhoven. A naturally resembling buffer separates the retro architecture from the partially preserved medieval architecture of the Old Bokhoven. The facilities, van Engelen - Haverleij, the tennis courts, the 18-hole golf course, ''pavilion restaurant Magnolias'', the supermarket, and the 'health center' are thus facilities near Bokhoven.
'Children's center' Antonius Abbot traditionally a 'Bokhoven elementary school' with a strong regional function has returned to Bokhoven because of the establishment in the nearby 'castle Haverleij'.

Commuters have a possibility to get to the 4-lane road via the main road along the Haverleij castles. (A59)
Micro access: All other roads meander over dikes, bridges, locks or meander through the landscape.
In short: the bustling city center of 's-Hertogenbosch is fifteen minutes away by car, 20 minutes by bike.


Transfer of ownership

Asking price
€ 1,850,000 kosten koper
Asking price per m²
€ 2,517
Listed since
6+ months
Available in consultation


Kind of house
Country house, detached residential property (dyke house)
Building type
Resale property
Year of construction
Protected townscape or village view (permit needed for alterations), double occupancy possible, listed building (national monument) and monumental building
Type of roof
Combination roof covered with asphalt roofing, slate and roof tiles
Quality marks
Energie Prestatie Advies

Surface areas and volume

Living area
735 m²
Other space inside the building
266 m²
Exterior space attached to the building
67 m²
Plot size
8,020 m²
Volume in cubic meters
3,641 m³


Number of rooms
9 rooms (2 bedrooms)
Number of bath rooms
2 bathrooms and 1 separate toilet
Bathroom facilities
2 toilets
Number of stories
3 stories and a basement
Air conditioning, outdoor awning, skylight, optical fibre, passive ventilation system, flue, sliding door and TV via cable


Energy label
F What does this mean?
Mostly double glazed, energy efficient window, draft protection and floor insulation
CH boiler, electric heating and partial floor heating
Hot water
CH boiler
CH boiler
Intergas Kombi Kompakt HRE 36 / 30a (gas-fired combination boiler from 2020, in ownership)

Cadastral data

Cadastral map
6.990 m²
Ownership situation
Full ownership
950 m²
Ownership situation
Full ownership
80 m²
Ownership situation
Full ownership

Exterior space

On navigable waterway and unobstructed surrounding view
Back garden, front garden and side garden
Back garden
5.760 m² (120 meter deep and 48 meter broad)
Garden location
Located at the southwest accessible via the rear

Storage space

Shed / storage
Attached brick storage
Electricity, heating and running water


Type of garage


Type of parking facilities
Parking on private property and public parking

Commercial property

Commercial property
Not yet present but possible (built-in)


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Bokhovense Maasdijk 12

€ 1,850,000 k.k.